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  1. Lee Ann (verified owner)

    I have sore achy feet due to many surgeries , after using Duffy’s every night my pain and inflammation is greatly reduced. I love it!

    Dr. Duffy's 300mg Hand & Body Cream 100% THC-FreeDr. Duffy’s 300mg Hand & Body Cream 100% THC-Free

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Have purchased oils, cream, salve, and capsules I am very happy with these products, they do what they are intended to do. Very happy with the relief I get.

    Dr. Duffy's 300mg Capsules 100% THC-FreeDr. Duffy’s 300mg Capsules 100% THC-Free

  3. Larry Schroeder (verified owner)

    This is an important part of our daily health routine, and has made a positive difference in eliminating pain and inflammation in our bodies and improving our daily lives. Highly recommend!!!

    Dr. Duffy's 900mg Capsules 100% THC-FreeDr. Duffy’s 900mg Capsules 100% THC-Free

  4. robert colwell

    great product, easy to apply and don’t need to wash your hands 5x’s before not worrying about rubbing your eyes, as required with ANY other menthol/camphor infused product. try it, you’ll like it!!

    Dr. Duffy’s 1,800mg Muscle Relief Roll-On Gel 100% THC-FreeDr. Duffy’s 1,800mg Muscle Relief Roll-On Gel 100% THC-Free

  5. Ann Emerson (verified owner)

    love using it daily..thanks Ann Emerson

    Dr. Duffy's 1800mg Tincture 100% THC-FreeDr. Duffy’s 1800mg Tincture 100% THC-Free

  6. Kenneth Coyne (verified owner)

    Please find a better shipping firm my last shipment took over a week. That”s way to long. I’satisfied with your product. Ken

    Dr. Duffy's 900mg Hand & Body Cream 100% THC-FreeDr. Duffy’s 900mg Hand & Body Cream 100% THC-Free

    • Dr. Duffy’s CBD for People & Pets (store manager)

      Hi Ken, I’m glad you like our CBD! Occasionally the USPS takes an exceptionally long time to deliver, and we’re not sure why. Your first order took 8 days, and your second one took 4 days to get to you… The first order did go through another USPS facility on the way to you in Rocklin, so that added some additional time, but I wouldn’t think it would add 4 days – it is out of our hands once we deliver to USPS, I’m glad this last order took a more direct path to you!

  7. Terri Bauer (verified owner)

  8. Myriam Alicea-Gomez (verified owner)

    Loving it! Both boys prefer your CBD over prescription anxiety and ADHD medication. They did not like the way the prescription meds made them feel. They are doing great in school.

    Dr. Duffy's 2,790mg 30:1 CBD/CBG Capsules 100% THC-FreeDr. Duffy’s 2,790mg 30:1 CBD/CBG Capsules 100% THC-Free

  9. Michele B. (verified owner)

    We love love Dr Duffys CBD 900mg Hemp Oil for our Golden Retriever. She is very anxious on car rides and with fireworks. The CBD oil works beautifully to keep her calm. I also used it for many days after her surgery to help with the pain and irritation from the healing. Dr Duffys delivered to my door same day I ordered as I am lucky to be on same city. I put the drops on her biscuit treats. It seems to work pretty rapidly. Great product. I am grateful to have found Dr Duffys.

    Dr. Duffy's Pet Tincture 900mg 100% THC-FreeDr. Duffy’s Pet Tincture 900mg 100% THC-Free

  10. Barbara Denham (verified owner)

    Both my husband and daughter find your product to be helpful

    Dr. Duffy's 1000mg Tincture 100% THC-FreeDr. Duffy’s 1000mg Tincture 100% THC-Free

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