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  1. Diane (verified owner)

    I really like this cream and use it everyday for pain in my shin before and after I walk. It seems to relieve the pain. I also appreciate your price compared to others who sell your product.

    Dr. Duffy's 900mg Hand & Body Cream 100% THC-FreeDr. Duffy’s 900mg Hand & Body Cream 100% THC-Free

  2. Fran Kahn (verified owner)

    I have ordered capsules, body cream, face cream, and salve, both for myself as well as for family members and friends. Items are always delivered very quickly as promised. All of the products are fantastic. I am a hand therapist, and always on the lookout for something that will help people (including me) with pain. The cream and salve work quickly after application. I’m not sure whether it’s the cream, salve, or capsules, or a combination but I used to have nightly hip pain. That has decreased, and I have better nights’ sleep. Additionally, I have had less pain in my hands. I am also comfortable that the products are all thoroughly tested, so I’m confident of the quality of everything I use, and will continue to use.

    Dr. Duffy's 300mg Capsules 100% THC-FreeDr. Duffy’s 300mg Capsules 100% THC-Free

  3. Cathy B. (verified owner)

    Very pleased with this product, helps with anxiety and a little with some neuropathy pain.

    Dr. Duffy's 900mg Capsules 100% THC-FreeDr. Duffy’s 900mg Capsules 100% THC-Free

  4. Brenda S. (verified owner)

    It really helps with anxiety and eases insomnia issues.

    Dr. Duffy's 1000mg Tincture 100% THC-FreeDr. Duffy’s 1000mg Tincture 100% THC-Free

  5. robert colwell (verified owner)

  6. robert colwell (verified owner)

  7. robert colwell (verified owner)

    Cannot say enough about the long term effects of this product. I have arthritis in both knees, and last spring I was to the point of hardly being able to finish my job some days. Within a week, there was some substantial relief. but over time is where I am most grateful. While the mobility of my knees hasn’t improved noticeably, the fact that the pain has been almost completely removed. I do use the drops in conjunction with the salve and the cream. As Patty and Lusinda will recommend, you need to attack from the inside and the outside. Huge fan of Dr Duffys products and highly recommend it to all my friends and work associates.

    Dr. Duffy's 1000mg Tincture 100% THC-FreeDr. Duffy’s 1000mg Tincture 100% THC-Free

  8. Rebecca A. Osleger (verified owner)

    Seems to be helping my dog with her seizures

    Dr. Duffy's Pet Tincture 900mg 100% THC-FreeDr. Duffy’s Pet Tincture 900mg 100% THC-Free

  9. Judy (verified owner)

  10. Anonymous (verified owner)

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