Dr. Duffy’s 300mg Tincture 100% THC-Free

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This innovative and quality-tested tincture was designed with health-conscious consumers in mind. Dispense it directly under your tongue or add it to your favorite morning beverage to create balance and harmony in your day. Each bottle has 300mg of CBD (10mg per serving) and no THC.



Suggested Use: Shake well before use. Use once or twice daily. Place 20 drops (10mg of CBD) under tongue. Hold sublingually for 60 seconds. Store upright after opening.

Ingredients: Fractionated Coconut Oil (MCT Medium Chain Triglycerides), Non GMO Sunflower Lecithin, CBD Isolate from hemp

Uses: May suppress muscle spasms (Antispasmodic), Relieve pain (Analgesic),  Treat psoriasis (Anti-psoriatic), Reduce seizures and convulsions (Anti-Epileptic), Reduce inflammation (Anti-Inflammatory), Relieve anxiety (Anxiolytic), Inhibit cell growth in tumors/cancer cells (Anti-proliferative), Promote bone growth (Bone Stimulant), Protect nervous system degeneration (Neuroprotective), Reduce vomiting and nausea (Anti-emetic), Reduce contractions in the small intestines, Kill or slow bacteria growth (Antibacterial), Reduce risk of artery blockage (Anti-ischemic), Reduce blood sugar levels (Anti-Diabetic)

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17 reviews for Dr. Duffy’s 300mg Tincture 100% THC-Free

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  1. KEN J. (verified owner)

    My primary physician recommended i try CBD oil for arthritis since i cannot take anti-inflammatory meds do to a heart procedure. Went to a store i trust and was guided to this product by the owner. Has really helped my stiffness and joint discomfort. I use the 300mg drops and cream . Would recommend to anyone with similar issues.

    • Dr. Duffy’s CBD for People & Pets (store manager)

      We recommend our 300mg Starter Kit to anyone new to CBD. Thank you for your recommendation, we love your results!

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This product works great for my stomach issues. I have also changed my diet to support that.

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I started taking this gir stomach issues and joint pain and I have seen a significant improvement in both!

  4. Isa

    I have RA symptoms but keep testing negative. The joints on my right hand, in particular, are swollen and painful. I really hope this isn’t a placebo affect but, from the very first 20mg dosage the pain, and stiffness (which means it also helps with localized inflammation) was nearly almost gone. This stuff is amazing! BTW, I used the 300mg oil, 20 drops under the tongue, as directed. But, then I rubbed some of the oil on my painful finger joints.

  5. Brenda Q. (verified owner)

    For the first time in at least five years, I am walking more and waking up without pain. I have had steroid shots and chiroptic adjustments that help temporally, but the CBD oil seems to be the best treatment so far for SI joint inflammation. I do also have acupuncture and do restorative yoga. Feeling better and lasting longer with the addition of CBD oil.

  6. Anonymous (verified owner)

    CBD has done wonders for my anxiety. Small everyday problems no longer cause my heart to race, cause my body to tense up, or cause my stomach to hurt. The other day I went to a crowded event and had an amazing time because I felt no anxiety due to the noise and crowds. I no longer feel too anxious to leave the house by myself. Thank you!

  7. Rochelle King (verified owner)

    Very pleased and special thanks for taking the time with me

  8. Brenda Q. (verified owner)

    It seems to have made a big improvement in the SI joint pain that I have been treating for the last eight years or more. Along with Yoga, acupuncture and exercising. Do not usually wake up with pain.

  9. kenneth (verified owner)

    My Doctor suggested i try some CBD oil due to not being able to take anything but Tylenol. Having had triple bypass surgery awhile back. Tylenol is all i am able to take. I have a lot of inflamation in my joints and the CBD oil took care of all of it. Dr Duffy’s sure has reduced my pain and given a much better quality of life !

  10. Zuleika (verified owner)

    I love it that it doesn’t have THC and I see some improvements on my son speech like he is trying still trying to figure out dosage that work. Must 3 year loves it

  11. Ed O’Brien (verified owner)

    Trying it against Parkinson’s symptoms, but not yet conclusive as to results.

    • Dr. Duffy’s Dispensary (store manager)

      Hi Ed,

      Thank you for reaching out to us. CBD dosage is very personalized. The lowest dose may not be enough for you. Everyone has their “sweet spot” of dosage, and if you have not felt any affects, then increase your dose. For example, your daily dosage is 10mg/20 drops, it may not be enough to impact you. Try either a double dose, 40 drops once a day or split it into two separate doses, morning and evening.
      Then next time increase your strength to the 1000mg, which is 33mg per dose.
      CBD does help Parkinson’s, if it didn’t, the U.S. Government would never had acquired a patent on it.
      Don’t give up and we will find what works for you. Be sure you’re dosing consistently.

      Please follow up with me after you increase your dosage.

      Dr. Duffy

  12. Shantell (verified owner)

    I use 20 drops at bedtime, as directed, and sleep peacefully through the night.

  13. MaryAnn S. (verified owner)

    Excellent product and service! Amazing decrease in pain along with improvement in sleep! Looking forward to trying the pet products next!

  14. Jane (verified owner)

    very effective product for PTSD anxiety, as well as nerve pain.

  15. Linda Greene (verified owner)

    Just started taking it but it definitely took the edge off the pain in my knees quickly.

  16. dee a. (verified owner)

    works very well for anxiety helps calm me down

  17. Melissa Coleman (verified owner)

    Patty is the best

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