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  1. Your product was recommended by a friend. I am trying to find out what to order for my 70 lb. English Springer who has developed Arthritis in his back legs.

    1. Hi Terri, (I replied in an email, but thought I should answer you here, too, in case you don’t check your email very often)

      We have 2 pet tinctures, a 300mg and a 900mg. The size of your dog does not matter, what matters is the severity of the condition they need relief from. For people, we usually recommend to start low and increase slowly until you find your perfect dose. For your dog, I recommend getting the 900mg pet tincture and starting with a half dose, 10 drops (15mg of CBD) and see how they do. If you see some relief, but want to add more, go ahead and give them 10 more drops (the full dose is 20 drops) or about 1/4 of the dropper, which is 30mg of CBD. Our dogs lick it right out of the dropper which is why we have pet-specific products, you have your tincture, and they have theirs- no dropper sharing!

      You may also start with the 300mg pet tincture and give the full dose of 20 drops (1/4 dropper) which is 10mg of CBD, and if they need more, add a second dose. If they do need a second dose, you know to go up to the 900mg next time you order.

      Purchasing the 900mg tincture is less expensive in the long run ($69) than getting the 300mg tincture ($39).

      Please let me know if you have additional questions.

      Dr. Duffy’s CBD for People & Pets
      A Veteran & Women Owned Business

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